Opening Address

Mr. Prof Dr. Uman Suherman, AS, M.Pd is Head of LLDikti West java & Banten Region 4. He will share his insights on how higher learning can be a great benefit to students when they graduate.


Dr. H. R. Ricky Agustiady, SE., MM., Ak., CFrA is the Secretary-General of ABPPTSI Jawa Barat region and the Chairman of YPKP.
He will speak his invaluable insights when it comes to the evolution of pedagogy in a blended-learning context. He will impart with us the urgency and utmost importance of developing future-ready skills and capabilities in students to empower them to stand side-by-side with their international peers.

Guest of Honor
Wikan Sakarinto, S.T., M.Sc., Ph.D., as the Director-General of Vocational Education - Ministry of Education and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia, will put a spotlight on the role of the vocational sector. Being a holder of a doctoral degree in Mechanical Engineering from Kobe University, he will be sharing how vocational education has enriched the pool of potential businessmen and women, and how it has empowered graduates to be productive members of the workforce.
Keynote Speaker
Leslie Loh, the CEO and founder of Lithan will share his insights and experience on how he transformed Lithan from a conventional IT training provider to becoming the leading digital learning & talents platform in Singapore and the region.
Panel of Speakers
Mr. Shoeb Kagda is a Media consultant and Founder of the Indonesia Education Forum, a multi-stakeholder platform for all education sector players.
During the webinar, he will talk about the inevitable transformation of the higher institution. Additionally, he will also share his insights on how building a job-ready generation can have a significant financial benefit to the student/university and economic contribution to the country.
Dr. Dadan Rahadian is the Vice-Rector For Academic Affairs of Telkom University.
He will speak about the potentials of the transformation to a Blended Learning Pedagogy.
He will share the importance of developing our own future-ready talents to compete with international talents.
Mr. Norman Sasono is the CTO of the Payment Platform and e-Wallet DANA Indonesia. During the webinar, he will talk about the importance of equipping students with future-ready skills, multi-culture experience, and improving their English language-literacy.
Jan Lambrechts is the CEO of Epitome, a workforce-analytics company. 
He will be sharing his knowledge and insights on how digital disruption can benefit Global Education. He will also discuss how EdTech is spearheading the education transformation, the delivery process, and how they provide long term results for traditional institutions.
Topics to be discussed in the Webinar
The new academia needs to shift from traditional classroom education to applied learning. This means learning is work and work is learning.
Transforming to a blended-learning pedagogy can help develop future-ready talents by providing them with real-work experience so they can compete with international talent.

The current digital transformation can become an opportunity for academia to sufficiently prepare its students. They will be trained to have future-ready skills, multi-cultural experience, and be efficient in both written and spoken English.

These skills are vital in a real-work environment as they will embark on a new journey when they graduate.
The digital revolution is rising and it is now necessary for academia to adapt to this change and prepare for it. The change is inevitable and can help create a "job-ready generation" that can bring a significant financial benefit to the student/University, and economic contribution to the country.
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